Staying at Home?


Things have changed dramatically since COVID-19 outbreak and lots of facilities are not available. There are no cinemas, no concerts, no sports events, no exhibitions, etc. Governments around the world recommend staying at home to stop spread of coronavirus.

Some friends of mine have told me that they feel bored and don’t know what to do with lots of free time. Their lives seem to be lost without their jobs, routines, commuting, shopping, etc.

But, come on. Why don’t you see this as an opportunity to explore other things? What about learning something new, watching a film or listening to new music? You can also read some books or play some board games with your family. Grab your guitar or ukulele and make some music! Do yoga! Do some housework! The list is endless and with creativity and love, things can become beautiful. By the end of this, we could be better human beings. Try it.

Mar 2020

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