Things I hear these Days


- What? Are we staying at home for two more weeks? What am I supposed to do? I’m tired of doing nothing!!

- Strange things happen during this quarantine. My exgirlfriend called me last night. She burst into tears because loneliness is pushing her to face her traumas, personal problems and demons and she’s not used to it. It’s driving her mad.

- Staying at home is the most exciting thing for me. I’ve got Netflix, videogames, food, snacks and board games. What else can I need?

- Staying at home is the most terrible thing for me. I run my own business which is a small shop. I can’t work and I’m running out of money. God, help me.

- Hey! I had never given me the chance to spend more time with my family. Due to the quarantine I started talking to my mom and we get on very well. I never knew my mom could also be my friend.

- Humans must be destroyed. Look at nature! She’s so thankful and happy. We must accept that the world is not ours.

- It’s so funny how people always complain about not having enough time to relax and do the things they love. But now that they have plenty of time, the only thing they want to do is go back to work because they feel bored at home. I just don’t understand them…

Apr 2020

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