Heal yourself with Music


This time I won’t share my thoughts on a special topic. I’m going to show you some comments from random people talking about how music makes their lives better. I found them very interesting and revealing. Here we go:

“I think music is great the reason i disagreed was because no one picked no so i wanted to be the first one to click it and by the way I’m at school and I’m a 9th grader bored in class trying to find peoples point of view on music this page is kinda helpful but not really have an amazing day”

“Music- is one of the little things which usually help people to live full life.

From each person's life experience it can be seen that when people have problems, they listen to music. Not only in bad mood, in some cases when we happy, we like to dance and sing songs. Again we switch on our MP3 players or radio and enjoy the music.”

“Music helps me get over problems. When I feel unhappy, I turn on my favorite music and forget about everything. My mind becomes alert and relaxes. On the other hand, it can make me dance, cry, sing with singer, become crazy etc. In some cases, listening to music brings me back to the moments when I heard this song for the first time. I think about feelings, people, places that were at that moment. Music is a powerful thing. Music is wonderful!”

“I have no scientific evidence to back up the fact that music is good for people. All I have to say is that it is fun to listen, relaxing, and sometimes therapeutic. Not all people like music though and it's so popular though that people do end up listening to it. Music is amazing!”

“There have been studies that show that kids who listen to music do better on tests than kids who don't. Music helps some people focus. It allows people to express their feeling that the might not be able to do around others. Studies have also shown that taking music lessons helps raise IQ.”

Jun 2020

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