Don't ever do This


Are you a lefthanded person? If so, pay attention to what I’m going to say.

Don’t you ever buy a right-handed guitar and never learn to play as a right-handed player. No, my friend. Don’t do that.

People will try to convince you that playing right-handed is more convenient for several reasons. They might say that it’s easier to find and buy a guitar because there are not many lefthanded guitars.

They may say that you won’t be able to play with another guitar except yours. They will say that a left-handed guitar is usually more expensive and difficult to find. Don’t listen to them, buddy. They are wrong.

Being a lefty means that your left hand is more skillful and more accurate than your right hand. Which hand do you use to strum the guitar? Yep, the left one, right? So, that hand must be strong, precise and accurate, otherwise, your playing will be weak, erratic and you might not progress as fast as you wish.

So, don’t forget it. If you are a lefthanded person, try to get a lefty guitar and you will play better. You won’t regret it.

Ago 2020

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