Doom Eternal Features a Guitar Made of Flesh and Bones


Doom Eternal is a very heavy metal video game. Like the 2016 Doom, the sequel has a soundtrack from headbanger Mick Gordon that absolutely rips. And tears.

We can now happily report that not only does Doom Eternal continue with the metal theme, but it goes a little further by featuring some truly epic guitars. During our recent hands-on time with Doom Eternal, we discovered in the new Fortress of Doom hub world that three guitars hang from the wall. They look like what HP Lovecraft might design if he was a guitar-maker.

They ooze with style. One appears to be made of flesh and bone. We can only hope and imagine it was literally crafted by a demon that you, the Doom Slayer, defeated. None of them appear to have pickups, so we're not sure how they make sound, but look how rad they are.

Dec 2019

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