Play The Guitar with The Last of Us Part 2


The long-awaited sequel features an innovative sequence in which you can play the guitar.

Early in The Last of Us Part 2, Joel gifts Ellie a guitar and teaches her how to play it. In guitar segments from then on out, the game gives players access to a fairly fleshed-out minigame with a variety of guitar chords. The DualShock 4’s touchpad lets you strum or finger-pick to a surprising degree.

You can simply follow the on-screen instructions to play the specific songs the game has cutscenes for. Or, you can fiddle around with the guitar to your heart’s content, perhaps even learning a few different songs along the way.

Some patient players are doing exactly that, and uploading their songs and snippets on social media for the world to enjoy. I, for one, am impressed — both that The Last of Us Part 2 allows for this much flexibility, and that folks are spending time practicing on this virtual guitar. Bets on how many folks will end up buying that luxury replica Taylor guitar that Sony is selling for $2,299?

Jul 2020

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